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Jersey City Bans Plastic Bags

A ban on single-use plastic bags and non-recyclable paper bags in Jersey City will go into effect on June 28 of this year. This initiative of the City’s Office of Sustainability was recently passed by the Jersey City Council. Ordinance 18-065 will prohibit all local retailers – including grocery stores, restaurants, corner stores and bodegas, pharmacies, retail clothing stores, hardware stores, liquor stores and every other retailer from providing customers with these types of bags at checkout.

Customers will need to bring their own bags, or use a sustainable bag offered by retailers.

The purpose of this ban is for Jersey City to reduce litter, protect the environment, and remove hard-to-recycle bags from our waste stream. The ban will be enforced via a minimum 100 fine to retailers using plastic or non-recyclable bags after June 28, and consumers and residents will have the ability to report suspected offenses to the City’s website.

Residents, click here for all you need to know about the Ban:

Retailers, the City is providing a list of resources and tips to help you phase into this new era of sustainability. Check ‘em out here:

Here’s to being green in 2019! Well done, Jersey City!

Click here to learn more about sustainability efforts in our Community:

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