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Lock Down Your Valentine’s Day Shopping at Lovelocked

Lock Down Your Valentine’s Day Shopping at Lovelocked

We are obsessed with this charming Jewelry-Apothecary-Home Store on Grove St. An added plus – it’s so easy to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift here for anyone – including yourself! There’s a wide range of skincare products from cool brands like Midnight Paloma, an all-natural line from Canada with a cult following. Among our favorite products are the Rose Quartz Face Roller and Charcoal/Blood Orange Body Wash. We also love Pholk, a plant-based skincare line inspired by the culture of the African Diaspora. They also carry Mender, a line of “always healing, never psychoactive” CBD products.

Lovelocked carries a lovely, wide range of essential oils and healing crystals. As for candles, you have the evocative HOMESICK range, not to mention a fun range of celebrity-inspired Prayer Candles (we scooped up one of Prince, the Saint of Purple Rain, and Snoop Dog, the Saint of Long Beach, for a holiday gift swap).

There’s a large selection of beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, in a range of affordable and more high-end prices. If you are looking for really high-end and custom pieces, speak with the lovely, helpful staff, and/or check out their website. Lovelocked will create any piece and work with your budget, and will help you find or create the engagement or wedding ring of your dreams. So, if you are looking to pop the question on Valentine’s Day (or any day), but need that essential prop to do so, look no further than Lovelocked. Their stones are all free-trade/ethically sourced, as well. Lovely, indeed.


Love Locked, 353 Grove St.

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