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Never Too Late to Make Music at Metropolis

Never Too Late to Make Music at Metropolis

At The Moorefield Group, our standard New Year’s resolutions follow a typical theme: self-improvement. Amp up our workouts. Decrease the dietary intake. Clean this, reorganize that. All worthy goals, yes. But this year we’ve been inspired by two sage friends to mix it up and tack on something completely different – learning a new skill, for the fun of it. Period. After light research on advanced cooking classes, Latin dancing, joining a book club and actually attending it, we have landed on adult music lessons. It’s never too late to learn (we’re told), and there’s a fantastic music shop on Newark Ave. to do exactly that.

Metropolis Music opened up in 2002, selling instruments and offering instrument repair and lessons for all ages and levels. You can take private classes in guitar, bass, voice, drums, piano, and violin.

Those sage friends of ours are two sisters, aged 10 and 7, taking up guitar and drum respectively. They have assuaged our nerves about taking on a music lesson at our slightly advanced years (relative to them, of course). The instructors are wonderful, super-good teachers and patient, they (and other Metropolis students) have assured us, the owner Mark Dalzell and his front of house team are friendly and encouraging, and learning a new instrument is “just plain cool and actually helps your brain focus on other stuff.”

So, we think we are in. Adult classes are offered in the evening and it’s an added benefit to support such a unique local business. As they say, out of the mouths of babes…

Metropolis Music, 240 Newark Ave. 201-222-8441

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