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One on One Training That Will Change Your Life

One on One Training That Will Change Your Life

After retiring from his NFL career with the Kansas City Chiefs, James Chambers was a highly sought-after personal trainer for fellow professional athletes, including former teammates and NBA players. A U.S. Track and Field Certified Coach, James worked with their members as well as his other clients on speed training and all aspects of emotional and physical stamina. After creating the Training Program at the original David Barton Gym in NYC and running various personal and corporate gyms, James eventually opened up his own personal training business, MEANT Condition, LLC in JC, where he has lived since 2010. We have had the pleasure of knowing James and his lovely family for years, and they embody “wellness” in every sense of that word. Exuding health, strength, humility and vitality, always with an encouraging word, training with James is a unique experience. Imagine the most motivating therapy session you’ve ever had, while you’re simultaneously being pushed to a physical performance you didn’t know you had in you.

Tell us more about MEANT Condition.

It stands for Mental, Emotional, Athletic and Nutrition Training. It’s one on one training in my studio. It’s physical training, nutrition advice, and working on emotional development, utilizing my background and experience in mental and psychoanalytical training. My method is based on what I call human-performance based training. I am here to help you become the best you that you can be at this time.

Can you give us an example?
I have a client who works in the tech industry. She was very successful at her job but kept getting passed over for promotions. We looked at how she was presenting herself and her brand. Our personal brand is the most important thing we have to work with. Finally, she decided to leave out of frustration. My advice – everything you do, finish with an exclamation! In our training, in our work, everything you do. So that’s what she did until the day she left. She ended up as the top manager in the Northeast division of her company and of the top managers nationally. Her company finally offered her that promotion, but she had already accepted a job for even more money. All at the same time while overcoming her fear of jumping over a bench in training.

How does the overall process of training with you begin?
I always start by asking a client to think about this question: Who am I? And not to answer to me, but to begin thinking about it over time, but with a condition. No labels. Meaning none of the labels we used to define ourselves. Mother. Husband. Lawyer. And over time, you will figure

How about the physical element in and of itself?
We always start with a one on one 55-minute consultation. In general, the body is capable of so much more than we give it credit for. It’s our mind that is holding us down. A client might think they can’t do one more rep when they can actually do 7 more reps. So, I challenge them to challenge themselves and their fears.

Are there any specific lessons you learned from your time in the NFL that you pass on to clients?

Yes. Luck favors movement. As long as you keep moving, good things will happen. It’s when you plant your feet and don’t move that you’re going to get blindsided.

True on many levels! Ok, can we get into more specifics about training with you, what it entails, and how to get started.

It’s a personalized combination of free weights, suspension training, boxing, and cardio. My studio is across from Berry Lane Park, so sometimes we will head outside for sprints. It’s one on one training in my studio and totally private. I am here to share my knowledge so you can make educated decisions about your life. It’s about mind, body and soul and pushing yourself to be challenged. If you keep doing things that make you comfortable, you will never get beyond that. And always, try to do know harm.

A Beginner Package of 4 55-minute sessions is available for $200. Or, you can do a one-time $50 evaluation for us to get to know each other. If we go forward, that is waived toward your Beginner Package.

Thank you, James!

Meant Condition, LLC, Address Communipaw Ave.
Email James at to discuss training options and get going!

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