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Park Tavern – Unpretentious and Perfect in Every Way

Constant construction and street closures. Increasingly tight parking and rising costs of, well, everything. Such are the realities of living in a rapidly growing city like ours. A trip to (New) Park Tavern is always the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of JC. Great burgers, awesome outdoor patio, and the best crowd in town. You feel instantly at home here. There’s no sign on the door, no website and scant social media presence. None of that is needed – people consistently flock here, and have done so for many years, because it’s quite simply the perfect neighborhood bar.

All are welcome and instantly treated like a regular, as a friend/new JC resident discovered during a delightful night out here last week. After chatting with the super friendly bartender over a beer and scrumptious burger (which he prepped on a tiny grill between pouring drinks), our group headed to the back patio, a low-key hangout which regularly draws longtime residents, cops and local politicos, among others. Like the JC moms (and friends) we spotted who meet here monthly for drinks and a game of Heads Up. By the end of night, most of the patio had joined in on the game. After we headed back inside, we talked to literally everyone in the bar, and loved each and every conversation. No airs, no name dropping, so chill and convivial.

Park Tavern reps the magic of an unpretentious, deeply rooted neighborhood joint. We came home happy, relaxed, more in love with this town than ever, and mentally in a much better place to deal with the noise and commotion of this great City on the constant rise. Let us know if you want to join us one night!

575 West Side Ave. 201-434-9254

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