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Pilates Haus Has Moved!

The Pilates Haus has moved! After 15 years of business here in JC, Owner/Director Brett Howard and his team has relocated from their old 155 2nd Street location, to 160 1st Street, at the Oakman Building.
“This is a really great move for us,” explains Brett. “We are so excited to be on the ground floor and have store front visibility. We are already so attached to our neighborhood clients, but the increased foot traffic at the Oakman gives us the chance to introduce more people to Pilates Method and to demonstrate the health and life enhancing benefits of the practice.”
As long-standing clients of Pilates Haus, we concur! Studying Pilates with Brett and his team has so many benefits in terms of physical and mental wellness. The warmth of the staff also creates a community hub, where new friendships are forged and old ones enriched in our mutual quest for wellness while living busy lives in the City. Fun side note: Darden is a certified Pilates instructor! Not only that, but Pilates Haus is Hudson County’s only fully equipped Classical Pilates studio.

Hi, Brett! What will be new at the new space?
The new space offers the same high level of quality teaching and service, but in a more modern setting.

What can you tell people who have never done Pilates?
It is a very effective workout, but fun at the same time. Pilates is a workout that can be tailored to any age or body type. It is corrective exercise, so it great for anyone with or recovering from an injury, as well as preventative, to avoid injuries.
Pilates increases strength, flexibility and stability, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, as well as coordination, posture and balance. Bone density and joint health are improved. Pilates teaches balance and control of the entire body, and that capacity spills over in ones every day existence, improving a person’s quality of life.

Can you share inspiring stories of change that have resulted from studying Pilates with you?
One of the greatest benefits of teaching Pilates is that you are able to make great transformations for your clients. We have had people with major injuries come in completely debilitated. Initially just being able to have some freedom of movement is life altering for them. Later they are able to resume sports and activities that they thought would never be possible for them to do again. They are stronger than they were pre-injury. Pilates allows people to return to life.

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