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Plaudits to the Best Plumber in Town

As a long-time homeowner in Jersey City, Darden is grateful for a great group of truly talented people – contractors, carpenters, electricians, etc. – that he can not only count on for their expertise but for becoming good friends over years of working together. As a realtor, it’s his pleasure to pass on their names to clients, neighbors, homeowners (and readers) looking for reliable referrals. The referral he is most often asked about? The name of an excellent plumber. For Darden, that person is John Brajczewski; “I’ve worked with John for so long and I cannot say enough good things about him. His knowledge, professionalism and timely work have earned him his best-in-class reputation. There isn’t a problem in his field that he cannot fix, and his thoroughness has surely prevented new issues or problems from appearing. No matter how busy he is, John always responds immediately and gets the job done perfectly right. To top it off, he’s one of the genuinely nicest people I’ve come to meet in Jersey City.”

John has been in business for 33 years and has truly done it all. He’s overseen repair and maintenance for some of the largest commercial buildings on the Waterfront, while also taking care of the needs of a loyal list of residential customers, which is a true calling and passion for this small business owner born and raised in downtown JC. Whether working on old brownstones, newly constructed condominiums – and every type of residence that falls between – John knows the ins and out of every aspect of the work. “For each type of home, there are certain rules and logistical processes involved with plumbing work, and John understands them all,” says Darden. “You’ve got to work with someone who understands the big picture, as it relates to both City and individual building regulations. I tell my clients all the time, whether they are doing major structural work or trying to mitigate an emergency issue, working with John is a relief. He will save you time and unnecessary headaches and expenditures in the long run. There’s nothing he doesn’t know.”

The plumbing business is a family affair for John. He learned the tricks of the trade from his father, and one of his two sons is in business with him alongside 4 other colleagues. John’s other son is a teacher in the JC public school system, and John himself is a proud alumnus of OLC School in Paulus Hook, and went to high school at the former and famous St. Anthony’s High School in Hamilton Park. He became good friends with St. Anthony’s revered basketball coach, Bob Hurley, and like him he represents everything good about the tight knit, loyal community of old-school Jersey City.

As we said, it’s a pleasure to refer clients and friends to John and to hear about the positive impact working with him has on their home life. As example: we have a good friend in a Historic Hamilton Park brownstone with old pipes and new ideas about how to move away from a claw foot tub to a working shower, to make life that much for her family of four, as would removing the squeal from the pipes and fixing age-old water pressure issues; “I have been so frustrated as everyone I met with kept telling me the reasons I couldn’t do this or that upgrade without doing some major and costly structural change, if it could be fixed at all. It can be intimidating to talk to a plumber because they know the intricacies of something you don’t but that means so much to you, and you’re just grasping to understand it, fix it and get it done without feeling you’ve been raked under the coals financially. So, John was the antithesis of all of that, along with casually mentioning and fixing all these other small plumbing issues that were annoying, but we thought we just had to live with.”

That’s John!

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