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Shop Local: Feel Good and Impress The Rest!

Shop Local: Feel Good and Impress The Rest!

At The Moorefield Group, we know that behind every strong residential market lies great retail. Jersey City’s continued development boom has seen no shortage of locally-owned and unique shops, restaurants and boutiques opening up in the past decade. With that, we’d like to pause and pay tribute to JC’s beloved Kanibal & Co. This dynamic and constantly evolving business has long been at the forefront of the movement to inspire shoppers to buy locally – and with great reason!

The brainchild of local resident Kristin Scalia, Kanibal began as an online business back in 2006, primarily selling refurbished furniture. Three years later, the business expanded when Scalia set up shop in a small storefront on Grove St, eventually expanding to a spacious space at 197 Montgomery St. in 2017, at the foot of Silverman’s Charles & Co building. Today, there is a rotating collection of clothes, jewelry, home stuff and accessories, all locally sourced and curated.

To that last point regarding curation – a personal note. As typically last-minute gift shoppers searching for something interesting and beautiful to give, the curated element of Kanibal merch is what we are most grateful for. Where to start? The brass skull earrings with 2mm diamond eyes, made by a JC-based designer? The black-and-white Get Sh*t Done pencil set? The JC varsity T-shirts? And there is so much more, along with fun events and classes to bring out our DIY approach to gift giving while supporting JC.

As the mania of the gift giving season looms, we will be shopping, as always, at Kanibal. It’s both fabulous and feel good shopping. How we love this town and the amazing and creative people who make it what it is.

Kanibal Home – 197 Montgomery St. 551-200-9386. www.

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